• Cleartec


    Stop and Go

    Conserving energy and fuel is what drives this urban athlete. The Auto Stop & Go system featured on the Colt ClearTec is designed to deliver the best possible fuel economy in real-world driving conditions.

    The system automatically switches off the engine as soon as the car stops; you put the gearshift into neutral and take your foot off the clutch. The engine restarts as soon as the clutch pedal is depressed to engage a gear.

    Auto Stop & Go is automatically activated when the ignition key is turned to the 'ON' position and will become active after a few minutes once the engine has warmed up.

    The Auto Stop & Go adapts to your car's needs, so in certain circumstances the engine will not stop: for example, if the outside temperature is below 3°C, or if the car has not reached 5km/h after an earlier auto-start.

    A switch on the dashboard allows you to deactivate the system if desired (in a traffic jam, for example).
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