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    Rolling Resistance

    The new Colt ClearTec comes with low rolling resistance tyres as standard. They are designed to improve fuel efficiency by minimising energy wasted as the tyre rolls on the road. The result is less friction, less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. Rolling resistance is a measurement of how easily the tyre rolls on the road surface. The lower the rolling resistance, the less fuel is required to propel the vehicle forward.

    The advanced tyres used by the Colt ClearTec have been developed in conjunction with a leading tyre manufacturer. They use a specific compound and design that lower the rolling resistance significantly: 14% for the 14" and 28% for the 15". In parallel, the tyre pressure has been slightly increased (+0.2Kpa).

    The overall contribution of those tyres to lower CO2 emissions is between 18% and 33%, depending on the model.
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