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    in Europe

    The new i-MiEV is one of the first consumer electric vehicles that was launched in Europe. But the road to launch has been long and it has been rigorously tested.

    One portion of this testing entailed an epic drive up Japan's snaking Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. This road climbs 1787 metres over its 28km length. It was closed to other cars for the run, and made a challenging test for the i-MiEV's drive train, as well as the test driver behind the wheel. At the end of the run he said "I found the i-MiEV a great climber because it had more torque than a comparable gasoline engine. Its lower centre of gravity makes it easier to handle, and gives it a better ride."

    The i-MiEV also proved its toughness on dirt roads and through deep-water troughs. In the factory, a special rig shook the i-MiEV for hours at a time. Cold-start tests were carried out using a special chamber like a giant deep freeze where the temperature could be taken down to well below zero.

    These tests allowed us to gather data that proved to be invaluable in i-MiEV production.
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