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    Conditioning Check

    When fitted to your vehicle the air conditioning system is an important piece of equipment. It keeps you and your passengers cool on hot summer days, warms you up in the winter and demists your windscreen when it is rainy, providing you with a clear view of the road.

    The air conditioning system not only regulates the temperature inside the car, it also cleans incoming air, keeping it fresh and thus keeping you better concentrated. It removes moisture from the incoming air and so demists your windows faster and cleaner than anyone could with a piece of cloth, even in damp conditions. This improves your visibility and therefore the safety of you and your passengers.

    Your air conditioning system needs maintenance just as the engine of your car does. During the air conditioning check, the certified Mitsubishi technician checks the level of refrigerant and tests the system with special equipment to see if it is free of leaks.

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