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    Winter and summer checks

    Before the start of summer or winter you can visit your local dealer for a rapid seasonal vehicle check-up. Conditions in summer and winter are so different that it is advisable to visit your dealer to make sure you will get the most out of your Mitsubishi vehicle.

    To make sure that your Mitsubishi is perfectly ready for all kinds of harsh weather conditions it is best to go to your Mitsubishi Authorised Service Point for a thorough winter check-up. Your car will be checked on vital points like the engine, brakes, door locks, fluids, the air-conditioning and so on. Below you will find the entire checklist.


    1. Air conditioning
    2. Screen wash fluid
    3. Indicators
    4. Wiper blades
    5. Battery
    6. V-belts
    7. Door locks
    8. Cooling system (radiator and hoses) (check/top up)
    9. Engine oil (check/top up)
    10. Exhaust system
    11. Paint damage
    12. Heater/Air Conditioning
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